feestdagen 2019

Shymo’s Blog: Holiday Season


The past five to six weeks I felt terrible. Surely because of the hospitalization, but it was already from before and even after it lasted for a while. When I came home I had to start with the treatment immediately, in fact; I already started with it while I was in the hospital. So my body did not really got the time to recover and because of that kept feeling terrible. It felt weird; getting fired from the hospital but not feeling well yet.

Fortunately there was a break of two weeks after two weeks of treatment (which was quite a rough period). I look forward to the break of the treatment in my odd manner; on Monday I give myself the thought that on Friday I’ll be halfway already, so it should not take that long anymore! You get it? If you don’t I don’t blame you, haha.

If my platelets have a value of below ten, I would get a blood transfusion. Well, yes and no because my body should be capable of making platelets by itself. The value was five (How?!). So they gave me a platelets through a transfusion and after that I felt a lot better. I’m eating well and gaining weight. Which is good, because I obviously lost a lot of weight during all of this. But after rain comes sunshine right? And in the Netherlands it rains a lot, just like it rains a lot at me. I have to push through but I’m sure that the good days are coming.

Since I left the hospital, I also started with physiotherapy again. It is very important to keep my stamina up and my muscles flexible. For now this happens at home because I don’t have a lot of energy but that doesn’t matter. The girls always come up with something that I am capable of doing at that moment.

Christmas went well for me. Fortunately! Because Christmas really is my favorite time of the year. We ate together, everyone got presents and the atmosphere was perfect. I have spend my time during the holiday season well and I have been doing activities for the whole week, but not every day of course. It started with a stroll through the woods with Siem (ending with a ‘broodje kroket’), the day after we celebrated sintchristmas (when you celebrate Saint Nicholas and Christmas on the same day) at Siem’s mother, we also had tea with Siem’s dad and during the holiday we also went to the beach with Gylian and Charlotte. I’ve also spend new year’s eve with friends and Siem, playing games and eating together. Lots of time spend with Siem, but I cant get enough of that, haha! But the best part was Christmas at home. We were with the whole group, so we were with ten people. We pulled straws and had a very intense shuffle competition. With that comes prices (even though it is taken into account who picks what price, is that a Korver thing?). My brother and my mother are brilliant in the kitchen so we had a very extensive meal and it was delicious. Think of things like steak tartar, seabass and cookie pudding. Amazing!! This was also the last time that I could stuff my face because the treatment had to start again.


I just finished my two weeks of treatment. This time it was a bit easier. But I did get nauseous everyday and threw up about 1 – 3 times on a daily basis, fortunately it didn’t get worse. No hunger or appetite, it works well together because if you only have one of the two I becomes a lot harder. Of course I lost a lot of weight, but I’ll make sure I’ll eat plenty so I can start the next round of treatment at my best. Unfortunately losing the weight always goes quicker than gaining the weight but chips and I are good friends! The two weeks that I’m on medication you can find me mostly, going out is not really possible. That is the reason that I plan a lot for the two weeks that I’m on a break, such like Bataviastad (shopping area) with my mom and sugar aunt Yvonne and going out for dinner!

Tante Maria met Shymo en Zyara

Aunt Maria


I am Maria, Shymo’s ”tante”. My father and Ilonka’s father were brothers. After WW2 my father moved to Sweden and met my Swedish mother. That´s why I am living with my family outside Stockholm, 1 400 km away from Westzaan. Through the years our family and the Korver family have been following each other and now and then met, mostly in Sweden. The Korver family have always been my strongest connection with my father’s homeland. I am still a little sad that he never taught me Dutch; I could have had another language for free.

Through telephone calls, a visit to Westzaan and the foundation´s website, we are following Shymo and there isn´t a day I don´t think of her and the family. It strikes me how much they all have to wait. Wait for test results, wait for calls from the doctors, wait for medicine and information. Shymo’s whole life is put on ”wait” and the waiting time hasn´t been easy nor painless for her. Daily visits to the hospital, physiotherapy, side effects from the medication and other drawbacks. And yet, instead of doing nothing Shymo starts her webshop! What an attitude she has, that deserves great respect. Together the family started the Help Mo Nu! foundation and we are all absolutely amazed over what fighters they are!

Since I am 1.400 km away I can´t just go over and have a coffee, give a hug, cook a meal or help with something practically. Therefore it makes me so glad to see how Shymo´s boyfriend Siem and other friends, volunteers and a whole community stands at Shymo´s side and try to help with whatever they can.

With love from me and my family,