Help Mo Now! foundation

Overtoom 31
1551PC Westzaan
Chamber of commerce (Kvk) number: 75348918
RSIN: 860248343

Rationale, outline policy plan, and objective

During her illness Shymo Korver stated that she wants to continue with her efforts to support research and finding a cure for high grade brain tumors.

Shymo Korver was treated for her illness at the Princes Maxima Center. Her positive experience with the organization, combined with the present knowledge and access to new research methods as a member of the international Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC), has after Shymo passed away moved the foundation to continue with her efforts and because of that change the objective of the foundation.

The foundation’s capital will be provided through:

The foundation can only accept inheritances under the privilege of inventory.

All activities the foundation performs, such as the organization of events, sale of a variety of goods, fundraisers and promotions, shall be shared as much as possible through the website, and Instagram– and Facebook page of the foundation.

Previous events are stated there as well. All activities have the objective to collect financial means for the purpose of the foundation’s objective:

a. Raise money through among other several projects and activities to donate to the Princes Maxima Center to the attention of Dr. Jasper van der Lugt and/or his research group in order to do research and for the development of therapy and treatments for high grade tumors, including the acceptance of inheritances under the privilege of inventory and furthermore, everything that in the broadest sense is related to, belongs thereto and/or can be conducive to this.

b. The foundation does not have the objective to make a profit.


The board consists of Gylian Korver (chairman and treasurer), Charlotte Rubingh (secretary) and Mitch Swartsenburg (general board member).

Remuneration policy

No remuneration will be received by the founders and board members and thereby waive compensation for the work performed.


The current policy plan and annual reports can be viewed below.