A little thank you from Ilonka to the hospital

Foto Ilonka en Shymo

The question our family gets asked most frequently is: “How is Shymo doing?”. We’re doing OK; we’re taking it one step at a time. If you’re with Shymo every hour of every day, you don’t really see that her condition is getting worse. Our home is modified on many fronts, to make it as comfortable as possible for Shymo.

Two weeks ago she still was working out on the hometrainer with the physiotherapist. A day later she was in a lot of pain and the day after we came home with adjusted pain medication. The day after, we raced to the hospital because Shymo was in unbearable pain.

She was hospitalized immediately in the Princes Maxima Centre in Utrecht. Pain, fever; everyday she would get a higher dose of her pain medication. I was with her twenty-four hours a day. There I stood beside her bed: holding her hand, giving her a sip of her drink… I felt powerless, helpless, and desperation.

The kids in the Princes Maxima Centre are definitely the greatest. And the staff; all of them are amazing. It did not matter if it’s a doctor, nurse, janitor, therapist or people from the food trolley. They all showed care, warmth, understanding, love, patience, and were very personal and really professional at the same time. Compliments to the hospital for getting together such a great team of employees.

Shymo is now home again after a week and I’m trying my best to be as good as the food trolley.
Thank you, amazing people of the Princes Maxima Centre.

Shymo’s proud mama



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