Letter to my tumor

Brief aan mijn tumor

Dear H3K27M,

You have already been with me for a fifth part of my life; it’s been enough. I have been sick for four years and that means that I have already broken your record. You can’t win anymore. Don’t you understand that when I’m gone, you’re gone as well?

I want to extend my life so badly. You can help me with that, by for example stopping with growing. Therefore my question is: let the medication please do its work and give me the possibility to get my functions and life back.

In case you succeed to break me, my goal will be to make sure that this won’t happen to any other child anymore. I will take as much experimental medication against you. Even if I am gone they will still run tests on you.

I am already having a hard time accepting this disease and everything that comes along with it, but what you’re putting Siem, my family and others through is unacceptable! When ‘Mr. Tumor’ walks out the door, things should become better. Let me be! I never wanted you, and you never asked me if I wanted to share my body with you.

I truly love Christmas. And as a Christmas gift I ask you to leave. If you want to you can leave as slow as you came, but you’re going. Deal?! Not just for me but also for Siem, my family, Oncologist and all the other people that I love so dearly.

Lots of love,




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