Aunt Maria

Tante Maria met Shymo en Zyara


I am Maria, Shymo’s ”tante”. My father and Ilonka’s father were brothers. After WW2 my father moved to Sweden and met my Swedish mother. That´s why I am living with my family outside Stockholm, 1 400 km away from Westzaan. Through the years our family and the Korver family have been following each other and now and then met, mostly in Sweden. The Korver family have always been my strongest connection with my father’s homeland. I am still a little sad that he never taught me Dutch; I could have had another language for free.

Through telephone calls, a visit to Westzaan and the foundation´s website, we are following Shymo and there isn´t a day I don´t think of her and the family. It strikes me how much they all have to wait. Wait for test results, wait for calls from the doctors, wait for medicine and information. Shymo’s whole life is put on ”wait” and the waiting time hasn´t been easy nor painless for her. Daily visits to the hospital, physiotherapy, side effects from the medication and other drawbacks. And yet, instead of doing nothing Shymo starts her webshop! What an attitude she has, that deserves great respect. Together the family started the Help Mo Nu! foundation and we are all absolutely amazed over what fighters they are!

Since I am 1.400 km away I can´t just go over and have a coffee, give a hug, cook a meal or help with something practically. Therefore it makes me so glad to see how Shymo´s boyfriend Siem and other friends, volunteers and a whole community stands at Shymo´s side and try to help with whatever they can.

With love from me and my family,




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