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Dear all,

Thanks to your help we have already been able to collect € 25.000,-! That is great news, but we are far from done. In this blogpost we want to explain to you about how we got to the total amount and what it is meant for.

As you know, Shymo’s lifesaving medication is situated in the United States. This medicine is still in development. That is why it is hard to obtain and very expensive. If Shymo can only get the treatment in the US, she will need to travel there every four weeks for approximately two years. Also, the insurance company does not cover the expenses and everyone knows American healthcare is very expensive anyway. Especially medication which is not easy to obtain! And last but not least, Shymo will have to provide a medical bail. This is for possible medical complications.

We are talking about:

  • medication: €150.000,-
  • medical bail: €100.000,-
  • travel and residence: €130.000,-

Since the amount is ridiculously high and we don’t want to be entirely dependent on just your donations, we set our target on €300.000,- for Shymo’s treatment.

As of today the target of €300.000,- will be placed on the homepage, as well as the amount of donations we already received!

We are now going to tell you something about the goals of our foundation. We understand that you want to know where your donations will end up. The primary goal of our foundation is ‘To collect money for Shymo Korver so she can afford and acquire medical treatment abroad, to cure her from her illness’. This concerns all the cost mentioned above; travel and residence, medication and the medical bail.

“But what if Shymo is cured and you still have money left?”, we get asked multiple times. The people behind the foundation truly believe that Shymo will get cured from her illness. That is why, during the process of writing down our goals, we thought about Shymo’s future. Therefore, the second goal of the foundation is: ‘and after being cured to support Shymo in realizing a living environment where she can function independently’. An adjusted living environment can be very expensive and since we want to support her in this financially, we included it as our secondary goal while setting up the foundation.

We hope that with this message the target amount and goals are clarified sufficiently. The fundraising had a very good start, but we are not there yet! So please keep spreading the message and donating and by doing so, helping Shymo to a bright future!



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