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Shymo Bestraling


I had radiation therapy for the fourth time today. It was a long day but it went by just fine, without any problems. As of today, I’m allowed to reduce my medication dose (we’re talking about forty pills) and I expect to feel a lot better then, mentally. Physically, I’m moving forward rapidly; I can make a ponytail in my hair, paint my nails, cut my own dinner and I tried to pluck my eyebrows. As a result of being hospitalized for a week, I almost couldn’t move my right arm. I couldn’t even shake someone’s hand. Well, look at me now!

I already underwent radiation therapy twice for my bone marrow so I knew what to expect. My father and I are a great team with this kind of stuff, so that makes it easier too. When your brain undergoes radiation therapy, you get a fitted mask on your face. That makes it hard to breathe and you have to lie down for approximately fifteen minutes. I’m sure not everyone can handle that, especially when you’re claustrophobic. I have to undergo radiation for another six times during this treatment. I’m glad I know how to respond in situations like these. Let’s do this.

A lot of people don’t know that during radiation therapy, your torso has to be bare. Since it happens so often already this doesn’t bother me anymore. You should know how ‘exposed’ I already am! It is all for a good cause though. And I have my boyfriend Siem, who reminds me every time that I ám beautiful and that raises a lot of love in me.



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