Siem: “Mo is the strongest woman that I have ever met”

Mo en Siem blogpost

I’ve been Mo’s boyfriend for a year and a bit now. A year in which a lot has happened. Having a girlfriend with a severe disease can be tough, but Mo and I are still having a wonderful time. I truly enjoy it and am learning so much from Mo’s perspective of life.

Fight, never give up and always have fun is what she taught me. It is only some of many things and I apply these lessons to my own day-to-day life. I am so happy that we are together! Shymo and I have known each other since 2015, before she got sick. rom the first time we met we already had a connection and we never lost contact. I’m glad because she is my true love and I already knew that at that point. But then Mo heard that she got sick and everything changed. This event and the loss of functions in her body was not good for her self-image. “No one will like me like this”, was her thought. It became my goal to always be there for Mo. Often people ask me: “why a girl in a wheelchair?” Because I love her, no matter what. She believes so as well and together we are capable of anything!

Our daily life changes constantly. I help Mo with her daily routine: shifting and moving her, showering, shaving her legs… you name it. Together with Ilonka (her mother), Ruud (her father), Zyara (her sister) and her brothers we are a strong team that takes care of Mo. Ruud and Ilonka took me into the family this year and treat me like one of their own. I feel at home and welcome and am really grateful for this. Together we ensure that Mo’s life is as normal as possible, she deserves this. Mo is kind, beautiful and the strongest woman that I have ever met.



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